Bumper Sticker Draws

Sticker Draw 003 - 40 Stickers Available -28 remaining - 4 Prizes in total 

$20 per sticker gets you in all 4 draws plus a bonus draw for a free sticker into the next draw . 

One sticker will be drawn for each prize.  All stickers will be for each draw meaning you could win all 4 prizes.

We will post a couple hours in advance when the draw will be based on when it sells out. 

Shipping Included for all 4 prize packs. 

Retail value includes shipping, and taxes.  





 Sticker Draw 002 - Trolling Package 

25 Stickers Available for sale  - SOLD OUT - Winner - Jeff H. 





Sticker Draw 001 - Yaleye Package -SOLD OUT

10 Entries - $20 per sticker 

Winner Matt T.

Winner of Free Entry to Next draw - Lew U. 



**All sticker draws winners will require a skill testing question to be answered to be able to claim prize

**NPN - Mail us @ 624 Charlotteville Road # 2, St.Williams ON, N0E1P0. No other form of  accepted.