Hot Spots for Perch Fishing in Lake Erie in 2022 revealed

Lake Erie is well known for producing monster jumbo perch.  We have seen a good increase in the number of fish being caught within 5-10 minutes of our shop.  Depending on the time of year, some of the spots we are going to list are great for targeting the ever delicious golden erie perch.  

Perch typically school up and chase the bait fish.  We catch baitfish for a living so we do find some really interesting trends with regards to what customers are telling us where they are catching perch, and where we catch minnows to supply them.  We literally catch our minnows right from the waters where are customers are fishing. 

Here are our hot spots for perch fishing, depending on the time of year and the winds, they can be very productive and have been in 2022.  


1 - The Bluffs - When the bluffs is on, it's on! The perch tend to be of very good size and hungry.  The downside is the longer boat ride to get to the bluffs to see if they are hanging out there.  

2 - Pottahawk - Pottahawk is a great option for fishing, our customers love it because it provides some protection from the wind, and just like the Bluffs, when they are at Pottahawk, it is usually pretty good fishing.  The minnows love Pottahawk so it is no surprise that it is a hot spot for Lake Erie perch. 

3 - Inside the bay - Some of the best and most enjoyable fishing you may find is when the perch move inside the bay.  They pile in there and school heavy, but this is only at certain times of the year, typically in cooler temps.  

4 - Normandale - A great little summer spot for sitting and catching some perch.  There is a pier at Normandale too that offers some decent pier fishing.  

5 - Turkey Point Beach - Often over looked, one of the nicest beaches around, and perching opportunities, what more can you ask for.  


Each of these spots are good at certain times of the year.  We keep our ear to the ground when it comes to perch and talk to lots of customers to gain insight into the movement of the perch on a daily basis.  The best way to catch perch is to use minnows on a drop shot rig.  Preferably a Jumbo Jack Perchin Rig tipped with Erie Bait and tackle minnows is a great choice.  Our shop has a live bait status page which will give you some more great details.  

Next time you are heading out to Lake Erie, stop in at the shop and get all the details as to where may be a good way to start your fishing day!  You can always check our Live Bait Status Page, for all our bait details.  

Good luck and don't hesitate to call Lake Erie Bait and Tackle for information on fishing Lake Erie!